FIBC Silvassa have a very low packaging weight and are safe to use and available in various different forms. In 80 percent of cases, we custom-make the FIBC for our customers. In doing so, we take into account the filling and discharging conditions, the hydroscopic properties and the density of the product being packaged. FIBCs have a capacity of up to 3 cubic metres and several tons in weight.
In addition, you can reuse FIBC Silvassa’s bags after a professional reconditioning or have 100% of the materials recycled. Because in most cases it is not necessary to use a secondary packaging, an FIBC is the most cost-effective and sustainable packaging available.
With modern equipment and an experienced staff, our production facilities meet our customers' highest demands with respect to cleanliness, safety, and environmental concerns.
FIBC Silvassa’s mission is educate GMP to our workers, members and stakeholders. FIBC Silvassa also promotes the use of bulk bags by maximizing their profitability, safety, and sustainability, and by educating members about global regulations and standards.