• "We are specialized in High-Performances FIBCs'.

    We make shock-proof FIBC's-safety comes first!!!!
  • When its Peanuts Packaging- Its always FIBC Silvassa!

    We produce food grade, clean room FIBC for agricultural packaging!
  • Food grade FIBCs' for dairy industries

    Our FIBCs' are customised to serve all sectors of Powder packaging!
  • We are engineers first choice.

    When it comes to carry Aggregate FIBCs!!!
  • High Performance FIBCs' for Mining Sector.

    We are specialized in high performance FIBCs' for mining sector; where durability and safety are the main concern.
  • From Sea to your dish; FIBC Silvassa plays an important role.

    We pack "Sea-Food" from shipping harbors to food warehouses, for your delicious variety of sea foods!
  • From "Hop" to "Compactor", we pack all your needs!

    We pack "Hops", which are raw material for beer!
  • Every FIBC is tested before shipping!

    Detailed tests are being done for every FIBC produced,
    for the optimum quality controls and Good manufacturing Practices!

About Us

We are Indian FIBC Supplier, dealing in FIBC, Small PP Sacks, Q bags, Container liners, Gambo Liner, Aluminium liners FIBCs, Dunnage bags, UN certified packaging and many other customised speciality polymer processing. Our comrade manufacturing units are fully equipped with high-end machineries and in house facility for all components used in producing FIBCs. It all started with a dream which was focused & built with great hard work and commitment towards the FIBC industry. During couple of decades, we have grown from a family owned business to higher milestones and progress with continuous track records in maintaining existing clients and adding new supply chains in the process. Due to the flexibility model we work on and the manufacturing supports from our partners; we are able to cater any kind of requirements from the clients. As a certified exporter, we are taking the upmost care of timeliness and unmatched quality standards for our esteemed clients. We are exporting to more than 50 countries in the World; in the other words, we are producing 100,00,000 FIBCs per year.
If its customised FIBCs- Its FIBC Silvassa!
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Our Partner’s Growth

Our Partner’s Growth

We are committed to being our customers’ productivity partner, bringing efficiency to their supply chain through a comprehensive and innovative product portfolio.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices

The optimum performance of our modern technology incorporated Lohia Extruder, and allied Lohia Looms, and all support equipment to design your FIBC in our Fully Integrated Plant.

Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients

Our greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customer as if they are the only one!

Sectors We Serve

FIBC-Silvassa provides FIBCs, container liners, UN Bags, PP Sacks and other flexible packaging for chemicals, aggregates, agriculture, recycling, hazard removal packing materials and many other sectors.